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Creating apps, delighting people, enhancing DX.

TypeScript programmer, homebody lover, running hobbyist, solo company engineer. 🏠🏃‍♂️💻👨‍💻

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Hi, I'm Takagi Keisuke. I strive to improve DX by developing every day.

I'm highly passionate about learning new things, such as English, which I spend time on after programming. In my free time, I cheer for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. 📚🇬🇧⚾

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Programming Skills

TypeScript / JavaScript

I started programming at the age of 16 and have been focusing on web development ever since. I have been using JavaScript since the beginning and started using TypeScript around 2020 when I adopted it for React development. I actively participate in open source development and have contributed to the development of libraries related to Remix. I also develop extensions for VSCode and released an extension called "ChatGPT Editor" in March 2023.


Starting in 2022, I became interested in developing native Android apps and started learning Kotlin. In December of the same year, I developed a workout tracking app called "Training Note Application" and released it on the Google Play Store. In January 2023, I developed an app called "Easy Attendance Management" to make attendance management easy for everyone and released it on the Google Play Store. I used Ktor to develop the backend application and also hosted it on Cloud Run.


I have a solid understanding of how React works and have developed using React's lifecycle methods and hooks. In terms of testing, I use the React Testing Library to perform tests and strive to create components with lower dependencies by using higher-order components.


I particularly admire the Remix framework for front-end technology, its design philosophy, and team collaboration. Remix implements the PESPA (Progressively Enhanced Single Page App) design philosophy, which overcomes the problems previously faced by MPA, PEMPA, and SPA. It acts as a bridge over the network divide that was problematic in previous architectures. In addition, Remix allows the creation of a complete UI by combining a UI component and data provided by a loader called the root module, and actions that modify the data. This feature makes Remix a very friendly framework for developers familiar with MVC frameworks such as Rails and Laravel. It is expected to grow into a framework that represents the React ecosystem along with Next.js. I love this framework so much that I am actively contributing to related libraries as well as remix-run/remix itself.

React Native / Expo

I have developed business and personal applications using React Native and Expo. With respect to Expo, I have experience running builds and releases using EAS and CI/CD.

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